5 Locksmith Myths Debunked

Locksmith Myths DebunkedThere can never be a right or wrong reason for being locked out of your own house. In the unfortunate scenario that you are locked out, you will have to call a locksmith to your rescue. Many of us only consider contacting or getting to know a locksmith when we are locked out of our car or house. As this instance is fairly rare, many of us don’t know much about locksmiths.

Locksmith services are not only meant for emergency situations. In fact, there are many myths surrounding locksmiths.

Here are some of the biggest myths debunked about a locksmith so that you can better understand what you should expect from a residential locksmith Melbourne service.

#1 You should only call a residential locksmith in emergency situations

A residential locksmith Melbourne does a lot more that just cutting jammed locks and helping you get inside your house. You can expect a range of professional services from a locksmith. Professional locksmiths are good with both residential and commercial locksmith jobs. If you are looking for an upgrade in your home security, residential locksmith Melbourne can upgrade your old locks to newly advanced locks to ensure the safety of your house. Also, they can add internal locks to windows, garages and outer gates.

Other than securing your residence, a professional locksmith can add advanced security systems like an access control system to your commercial buildings and premises. This gives you complete control over who, when and where can get access to your office premises.

Modern day locksmiths can also help you with security consultation regarding your home and business.

#2 Every locksmith uses the same tool and gives similar services

Just like every lock is different from another, every locksmith has a unique quality or service to offer. The type and level of services each locksmith will give you are entirely different. Some locksmiths just believe in doing whatever you ask them to do, without any discretion. They will just let you inside your house without retaining the lock while other locksmiths understand your needs and offer a customised solution.

Some professional residential locksmith Melbourne attempts to work on newly advanced locks but keeps the integrity of rugged old locks intact. It ultimately depends on the experience and expertise of the locksmith.

#3 Locksmiths carry master keys

The biggest myth we all carry with us is that locksmiths have some supernatural power by which they can open every door with a single key. This is simply not true. There is no such master key by which a locksmith can open any door, window or suite in the city.

#4 Emergency locksmiths are too expensive

Nobody likes to stay locked out of their own house, but unfortunately, sometimes these situations do occur. You may think that in an emergency a residential locksmith Melbourne will cost you more than regular days. However, the cost can come down with a local locksmith who operates 24*7. Before you assign any task to a locksmith, make sure the residential locksmith in Melbourne provides you with a written quotation.

#5 Every locksmith is certified to do every job

A beautifully designed website does not mean a residential locksmith Melbourne is licensed and certified to do a job. It takes a lot of skills for a locksmith to get licensed. Make sure you verify all the documents and credentials before assigning any task to a locksmith. A legitimate locksmith should be registered with the local police register of the area and should also be certified with the Master Locksmith Association of Australia.


These were the five myths usually associated with locksmiths. We hope you have a better understanding of how locksmith services work and what to do to find a locksmith.