Best Dogs For First-Time Owners

Pups are the best pets. They are lovely pals to have around, but you need to do your research before bringing home a pawed friend, especially we want the best dogs as first time owners.

While dogs vary in traits and needs, there are breeds that are suitable for first time owners.

Regardless of the breed you choose, what matters is how committed you are to bonding with your pet. The more friendly and closer you are to your dog, the better.

To get you started, here are our recommendations of dog breeds for first time dog owners.


  • Papillon


PapillonIts conspicuous upright ears are where the Papillon (French for butterfly) got its name.  This dwarf dog surely looks cute. This is just the right size for cuddling and playing around the house. Plus, they are low maintenance and very friendly. They don’t require frequent grooming.

PapillonPapillons are intelligent dogs that often get attached to their owners. However, during training you must be consistent to ensure they are obedient so they don’t become yappy. For those who love long walks, Papillons are the best dogs for you.


  • Poodle


poodlesOne reason poodles are great is that you don’t need to vacuum dog curls or brush dog hair off your clothes after you play or cuddle them.

There are three sizes of Poodles. But all are all jolly, smart and like to play the central part in a group of pets.


Moreover, if you want a pet you can easily train, this is the dog for you.

They are also genuinely happy when they’re around people. They can be as snuggle pals and exercise partners. Apart from regular grooming, Poodles are one of the few breeds that rarely shed off fur – another very good reason why a novice needs this pup!



  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


For any newbie looking for a small breed, try the Cavalier. These charming little divan dogs are often considered lap dogs. They can actually curl up and relax with their owners at home all day.


Cavaliers are the best choice if you’ll be happy with a pup that islazy and playful, but can also accompany you for a long evening stroll. The catch is that their long coats require grooming from time to time.



  • Labrador Retriever


Labrador RetrieverThey are the perfect family dog. Labs form great family companions and what you’ll adore about them most is their sociable nature. They are less fiery and can stand a crowd of people as well as kids around them.

Labrador RetrieverThis breed of dogs is full of life and a cheery buddy for a newbie family. They like  especially if you are fond of going out to have fun away from home, the Labrador will accompany you anywhere.

Labrador RetrieverThis breed of dogs takes after their cousins the Golden Retriever when it comes to training. They learn faster and are easier to teach. No need for intensive training.

  • Pug

PugPugs are good team players and enjoy the company of kids, cats and other pups. This is an ideal dog for those who prefer less furry, compact and muscular breeds with squishy faces but still care about the size, unlike the Cavalier which is more or less a toy breed.

PugIt is stunning how energetic they are and can get you on your toes all day long, Their amusing tricks have earned them the name clowns of the canine world.

While they are most suited as lap dogs, you can make them excellent workout buddies Plus, you don’t have to worry about regular maintenance.


  • Bichons Frise

Bichons FriseBichons are fun having around. They don’t get irritated easily, which makes them fantastic family pals. Further, you don’t spend much time and cash on maintenance — just a regular tidy up and perhaps a daily stroll.

Bichons FriseJust begin befriending your bichons as soon as possible. Otherwise, they might develop into temperamental dogs.


  • Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Terrier is a popular breed because this dog is  a dependable companion. They are full of energy although they don’t need much exercise. Plus, they require little maintenance.

Moreover, this affectionate pup is friendly and best for an owner who enjoys short walks and jogs.

Boston Terrier

  • Brittany

The Brittany is energetic and powerful. It’s just the ultimate dog for an aggressive first timer who goes as crazy as hunting and wants a companion. And because there is minimal shedding, maintenance is easy.

If you want a lively dog, go for the exuberant Brittany, they can play fetch the ball all day.

  • Havanese

HavaneseHavanese are enchanting little dogs that get very attached to their owners. They are one of the most outgoing and loving breeds. While you may take a little bit longer to train this canine compared to other pets, they are loyal and jovial, features that makes a novice dog owner fall in love with dogs forever.

HavaneseThey also require tidying up from time to time to keep their beautiful curls.


  • Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland SheepdogTheir coats that look intimidating to maintain for a first time owner. This rules them out as an option for those who prefer dogs with minimal shedding.

Shetland Sheepdog

But apart from regular dog grooming, sheepdogs are easy to care for.  They are great companions and suitable for families with kids. For new dog owners who want a buddy to walk and play with in the field, Sheepdogs are vivacious and perform exceptionally in outdoor activities.

If you’ve been thinking about having a pet dog, now is the best time. Really important you take the time to getting a thorough new pet checks and have their Vaccination. Regardless of the breed you choose, these dogs are innately friendly, active and easy to maintain.They are all perfect companions who will relieve you of stress, and be with you during fun and happy times.

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