Tips on How to Choose a Locksmith

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It is unfortunate that locksmith scams are a very real and existing concern today. It can be a major risk not choosing a locksmith that you know is experienced, licensed and reliable. That’s why it is highly recommended that you do your research before making a decision about who you can place your trust in.

But there’s no need to worry, you can count on Solid Locksmith! We are Melbourne’s most trustworthy and qualified locksmiths and we provide professional services and products for all types of locks and keys.

We do so much more than cutting keys! Our expert team specialises in safe sales and services, automotive locks and keys, restricted master-key systems and provide top security advice for all your personal, residential, commercial and industrial needs.

If you’re thinking about hiring a locksmith like Solid Locksmith, there are several key things to consider.

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Don’t wait until there is an emergency.

You don’t want to wait until you are in an emergency situation like being locked out of your home or car to search for a locksmith.

Make sure you take the time to prepare in advance and research your locksmith online by referring to forums social media and sites such as the Locksmiths Guild of Australia and the Master Locksmith Association of Australasia.

You can also directly call the company and ask them about their qualifications or get recommendations from your friends and family.  

Doing all three can best ensure that you don’t end up paying more than you need to and that the locksmith you have chosen is actually qualified for the job.  Also, check to see if there are any documented complaints or services issues against locksmith you are interested in.

At Solid Locksmith, we have the experience and in-depth expertise to provide you the best security solutions for all your specific needs.


Are they licensed, insured and bonded?

Check if the locksmith is licensed and been around for several years. You can do this by either searching their website online or contacting them personally. You can request to see their State Government issued Security Employee Licence and any proper certificates of excellence and expertise.

Any reputable locksmith would have these and would be happy to show you papers to confirm. These documents show that your locksmith has agreed to be in compliance with a code of ethics and conduct and is fully licensed to operate as a locksmith.

Locksmiths must also have insurance to cover any damage done to your property during a repair or modification service. If they don’t, you will be left responsible to pay for any damages that take place. At Solid Locksmith, we can guarantee your peace of mind, so why go anywhere else.


Are they local?

Stick to a locksmith that is based near your area. Not only might this reduce the cost of their services but in case of an emergency, this can help them get to you quicker. So if you’re in Melbourne, Solid Locksmith is the perfect option for you!


Find value for money and confirm the pricing upfront

Get a general quote before you allow your locksmith to start working to ensure you know what you’re paying.  Prices can vary for different locksmith services so it best to speak to several other locksmiths to determine what’s best for your budget.

Costs can also depend on the different brands and types of locks you require. Also remember to ask if there is a fee policy for quotes or whether It’s no obligation.

If you’re looking for a locksmith that can tick all the above boxes, then Solid Locksmith is your number one choice! We understand how important it is to find a locksmith that you can trust to ensure your property, family and belongings are all protected.

Our reputation is built on years of professionalism, efficiency and in-depth knowledge. You can count on us to provide you the best security solution to meet all your distinct needs. Our highly competitive prices can also deliver you solutions that fall within your budget.  

Our security and locking systems will put your mind at ease! So why not contact us today. To find out more about our services feel free call us and you can speak with our friendly experts.

Our team can provide you with top expert security advice for all your personal, residential and commercial needs. You can also get in contact via our email or send our responsive team a message via our website.



What do locksmiths do?

Locksmiths are professionals who can install and repair security products such as keys, locks, safes and other related hardware.  

Our team at Solid Locksmith specialises in installing alarms, safe sales and services, automotive locks and keys, restricted master-key systems and provide top security advice for all your personal, residential, commercial and industrial needs. We are Melbourne’s most trustworthy and qualified locksmiths and provide the most effective security solutions, so feel free contact us today.


When should I call a locksmith?

It’s highly recommended to find a locksmith you can trust as soon as possible to ensure you, your family, property and possessions are safe from unauthorised access, intruders and theft. Locksmiths can secure your home with professional locking and security services.

Locksmith services are also requested when people are locked out of their homes, property, car or safe to regain access. To make sure you’re secure, feel free to call Solid Locksmiths today!


What should I look for when choosing a locksmith?

Any good locksmith must have a qualified licence, a reputation of reliable and professional services, is insured and provides a warranty for their products.  If you’re looking for a locksmith that ticks all the boxes, then you give your Local locksmith Melbourne experts at Solid Locksmith a call today!