Cool Area Rugs You’ll Love in 2019

Area rugs are essential additions to any section of the house. Whether it’s the living room or bedroom, they provide warmth, comfort, and decorative interest. 

Area rugs can also be used as artwork on the floor or walls of a house. Most homeowners prefer area rugs to conventional carpets for many reasons, including their ease of cleaning. 

With various materials and designs being adopted for area rugs, home decoration and comfort only seems to get better. 

Homeowners looking for unique yet intriguing area rugs have plenty of options with which they will be pleased with in 2019.

Looking for an area rug that will complement your home’s interior? Here’s a list of area rugs you will love in 2019:

  • Hemp grass area rug
  • Hand-tufted wool area rug
  • Natural Basketweave area rug
  • Merino wool sisal area rug
  1. Hemp Grass Area Rug

Homeowners looking for a sustainable are a rug will love this option. The natural hemp area rug brings forth a good feeling about where your floor space. 

This area rug is made of natural, biodegradable and renewable material and presents an eco-friendly flooring option. 

The natural fibres of the hemp grass area rug are soft to the touch and gentle underfoot. 

Some of the likeable highlights of this area rug include:

  • Versatility: it comes in a range of natural-occurring and neutral colours that blend with virtually all interior design styles. 
  • Eco-friendly: these area rugs are non-porous, durable, and liquid-resistant with a soft sheen and smooth texture.
  • Exquisite weave: these rugs are hand-loomed, which gives them a unique look. They are particularly good choices for homeowners looking for area rugs to give a lasting impression.
  1. Hand-tufted Wool Area Rug

Wool is a durable material used to make rugs suitable for highly populated spaces like the living room. 

Choosing a dark colour that features unique patterns have become common among homeowners since it suits most spaces. 

Wool rugs look comfy and high-end and are also long-lasting, especially when coupled with a rug pad. 

Wool rugs are set to continue being a top choice for homeowners for their unique features including:

  • Plenty of colour options to choose from.
  • They are good at absorbing the shocks that come with foot traffic in a room.
  1. Natural Basketweave Area Rug

Rugs made of natural grasses have now become a popular option for most people for their durability, affordability and stylish look. 

They are fairly low-maintenance rugs as they easily mask dust and dirt between cleanings. Cleaning these rugs is also easy, as one can beat them clean or vacuum them with no hassle. 

Such rugs are, however, not suitable for outdoor spaces as they are highly absorbent. Homeowners with kids and pets may therefore not prefer these rugs. 

The downside to these rugs is that they can’t be steam-cleaned, and nothing much can be done in the case of stains and odours.

  1. Merino Wool Sisal Area Rug

Most floor spaces in our homes require that feeling of warmth, just as we like the feeling of a warm woollen sweater or thick socks. 

For the same reasons you love warm garments, you will love a merino wool sisal rug in your home. 

This rug is soft underfoot and sound-absorbing. The incorporation of sisal strands also makes the rug resilient. 

Further, they are easy to maintain as regular vacuuming keeps them clean. 

Overall, homeowners looking for sophistication and uniqueness in dining areas, bedroom or living room can always turn to these rugs. 

Adding a touch of style and warmth to a home’s interior is the desire of any homeowner. 

With plenty of choices, hemp grass area rugs, hand-tufted wool area rugs, natural basket weave area rugs, and merino wool sisal area rugs are some of the area rugs you will love in 2019. Make  sure to check out The Rug Lady for all your area rugs need.