10+ Tips to Creating Successful Packaging Design

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At the Star Stuff Group, we understand the importance of packaging design. With over 25 years of industry experience in specialising in a range of innovative packaging solutions for a range of customers, we can’t stress it enough. Choosing the right packaging solution is absolutely pivotal to your brand’s success. As consumers, we don’t fully realise just how much packaging impacts the decisions we make when we are purchasing items.

Package designers carefully engineer packaging design to visually communicate messages to consumers about the identity of the brand and the quality of the product. Such messages can have a direct impact on increasing sales and making your product successful in the market.

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Wondering how to create a package design that is so successful it can practically sell itself? Here are 10 plus tips to get you in on the know-how of a successful packaging design:

#1 Target your audience

Know your core audience. Who is your customer? Whom are you selling to? Demographics such as age, sex, location, income are all vital for establishing a focal point in your selling strategies. Are you appealing to customers who are attracted to eco-friendly products? Is your target audience someone in their young teens or mid-30s? Do they generally have a higher income or lower income? A successful packaging design will address all these key questions and aim to build a relatable product that strikes a chord with the intended audience. It should appeal to the interests, needs and requirements of the specific group.

Choosing to pursue a certain demographic of customers rather than a broad audience is the most effective means to attract consumers and drive sales.

#2 Highlight the benefits

A packaging design that conveniently highlights the benefit of the product will retain consumer’s attention better. The design should draw focus to the product’s features such as how easy it is to use or how good it tastes and what it does for the customers

#3 Test multiple designs

Testing out multiple packaging design ideas is important to understand whether your design effectively stands out, is eye-catching and can work to your consumer’s satisfaction.

You can do this by printing out your multiple options and constructing them in 3D form to be analysed. Get prospective customers involved too. Ask for their feedback to ensure your packaging is marketable and will have a greater chance at success.

#4 Consider your costs

If you are designing for a lower priced product, make sure you don’t over design. Stay in your budget and design packaging that won’t inflict higher costs than necessary.

#5 Study competitor products

Think about where your package will be displayed and which products it will likely be displayed next to. Shop around in stores to gain a better visualisation of how your design ranks against your competitors.

#6 Is your product overly unique?

Design your packaging so that is interactive and can be set out from the rest. However, ensure that the packaging itself is not so unique that it looks awkward sitting on the store shelves or can’t be stocked easily. This will hurt your chances of better sales.

#7 Choose the appropriate packaging materials

Choose packaging material that will suit your cost whilst maintain aesthetic is important if you don’t want to overspend.

#8 Go for a trademark look

Do you have more than one product? Are you building a range? If so, choosing a trademark look is essential to keep your brand looking consistent. A trademark look will help you command shelf appeal, more attention and a level of uniqueness.

This overall means more sales!

#9 Consider shopper experience

Is your packaging designed to allow shoppers to interact with the product? Can they see or touch it? If not it is time to take more time to consider shopper experience as a vital selling point.

#10 Use minimal wording

Keep your design simple and straight to the point. Don’t overdo it with words! Your text should form a hierarchy. This means only the product’s most important features should be written with big and clear words for easy reading. You can translate the rest of the product’s information using illustrations and other visuals. Remember a picture can speak a thousand words!

#11 Grab attention!

Does your packaging grab attention at first glance? Can shoppers process the key messages your packaging is designed to send in a matter of seconds? If not, then it’s time think about how you can improve your design to convey purpose and style in a way that is straight to the point. Most importantly make sure your packaging design speaks louder than your competitors and will drive sales. Consumers like simplicity, colour and a design that is clear and easily readable.

# 12 Quality printing is key!

Last but certainly not least, quality printing your packaging design can make all the difference. This is because it can be a reflection of the quality of your product. That is why it is highly recommended to take your designs to the professionals, like us! At the Star Stuff Group, we can provide you with the perfect packaging solution for all your product needs.  Not only can we help you enhance your brand promotion in store, but we can help increase your product’s growth and success with our quality services!

We understand that the design of a package is the main element that forges a bond between your product and intended consumers. Contact us today to find out more or request one of our services. You may call, email or fill out our easy online contact form and your message will be directly sent to one of our friendly and professional staff members. Or you are welcome to visit us in store today.

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