Using Fake Turf In Brisbane

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If you are tired of constantly fertilizing, mowing, and watering your lawn in order to keep it looking good, you should consider making the switch to synthetic turf. Homeowners in Brisbane are now moving towards synthetic turf as there is hardly any maintenance and it always looks great.

If you are a Brisbane homeowner and still not sure whether it is a good idea to install synthetic turf in your here are 7 reasons why artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular compared to natural grass and why you should consider installing it.


  1. Maintenance free

Artificial turf requires very little maintenance compared to natural grass. Once the synthetic turf has been properly installed, it is just a matter of using a rake or blower to clear away any branches, leaves, and other debris off the lawn. You can keep your artificial turf looking as fresh and realistic as the first day you installed it with a few simple upkeep tips.


  1. Works Where Natural Grass Does Not Grow

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf can be installed virtually anywhere. Natural grass cannot grow in many areas of your garden like under large spreading trees. Synthetic turf is not affected by lack of natural sunlight. Installing artificial turf is, therefore, a great way to cover the bare patches in the garden.


  1. Drought Resistant

Artificial turf looks amazing irrespective of the weather. It does not require watering, which means that you can save up to 40 litres of water per square inch of lawn every year. You will not only save substantial quantities of water if you install artificial turf, but it stays green throughout the year irrespective of the amount of rainfall there is.


  1. Instantly Rewarding

Unlike natural grass, you never have to wait for synthetic turf to take root and grow. The installation process is quick and easy and therefore can help to transform your garden from bare to a lovely green virtually overnight. Your lush new lawn will become the envy of your neighbours for a long time to come.


  1. It Does Not Require Mowing

Artificial turf does not require mowing. Regular mowing requires time and money, and there is also the environmental impact caused by the engine of your mower. This is also reduced when you install artificial turf. A standard household lawn mower typically produces more pollution in 1 hour compared to a vehicle driving on the road for the same 1 hour.


  1. Cost-Effectiveness

In spite of what some people think, artificial turf is quite affordable. As you don’t have to pay for irrigation, fertilizer, and maintenance costs, your fake grass can basically pay for itself within 3 to 5 years. In addition, you will continue enjoying savings on your annual lawn maintenance and landscaping bills.


  1. Safe and Non-Toxic

The raw materials used in the manufacture of Synthetic Grass in Brisbane are safe and non-toxic to pets, children, and the environment. Moreover, the pesticides and fertilizers that are usually applied to natural grass so that it grows thick and lush, don’t have to be used with artificial turf. Therefore, this means that synthetic turf is completely safe for pets and children to play on.


The Bottom Line

Synthetic turf is one of the most convenient and rewarding investments that you can ever make towards your Brisbane home. With the right installer, it is hard to go wrong. If you want to have synthetic turf installed on your Brisbane property, you should find an experienced installer who offers fair prices and comes highly recommended by other customers.