A flow diagram on how to get RCM Approvals

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How to get RCM approvals – Flow diagram

How to apply for the RCM mark for Australia and New Zealand

Below is a simplified flow diagram on how to get RCM approvals for Australia

Flow Diagram Approval | EMC Bayswater

EMC Bayswater takes no responsibility if any of the information provided is incorrect this is general guidance

RCM Check list with links to external websites for further information:

  • Register a business name
  • Register for an Australian Business Number
  • Register on the RCM database
  • After registration on the RCM database, you (The Supplier) will be provided with a copy of AS/NZS 4417which outlines the use of the RCM.
  • Determine type of EMC level of each product either Low, Medium or High)
  • Battery powered devices information ACMA website, is RCM EMC testing applicable for a battery powered product?
  • Responsible Suppliers are required to register all types of Level 2 and Level 3 electrical equipment they sell, on the RCM database

Responsible Suppliers or required to determine whether or not the equipment falls under the following in scope requirements of EESS in order to determine if EESS registration

  • If the equipment falls under the scope of EESS

Upload compliance folders for all types of level 2 and level 3 equipment

  • Fill out supplier declaration of conformance paperwork for all equipment


Equipment declarations can also be recorded onto the RCM database

We have many more resources regarding RCM compliance for Australia and New Zealand throughout our website and most of the Frequently asked questions can be found in our Frequently asked questions sections that will help further in how to get RCM marks.

For further RCM information such as using overseas reports etc please refer to our FAQ section and our overseas test report assessment service page. Your product may also require other Australian approvals such as electrical safety.

We can arrange all other Australian approvals such as Electrical safety testing or SAR testing through our partner laboratory network (the EMC Technologies testing group), meaning we can be a single point contact for all your compliance testing needs.


Source: Courtesy of EMC Bayswater Melbourne, Australia