Great Tips on How to Cook the Perfect Steak

As we approach the holidays, it is paramount to have tips on how to cook the perfect steak. We usually tend to emphasize more on the cost of cuts and go for the more expensive ones without realizing that simpler cuts can still have amazing outcomes. You keep an eye out to hanger steaks or skirt steaks, which are known to have good flavour and are easily cooked on any grill. While at the steak house, it is also paramount to remember that prime meat can be easily identified by checking for the great deal of marble and fattiness within the steak.

Allow the Meat to Reach Room Temperature

Before anything else, it is always essential to let the meat reach room temperature. This also applies to fish and poultry too as it allows the meat to cook more evenly. However, those huge high-powered grills used in professional kitchens can cook frozen cuts well. If you are using a home grill, it would be in your best interest to let the meat reach standard room temperature to help you adjust the temperature of your steak better as it cooks.

Preheat the Grill before Cooking

Most people always forget to heat the grill up before cooking, and this can easily deter you from getting the perfect steak. It is always essential to have your grill as hot as possible, and remember that heat is the key to the perfect steak. A preheated grill will seal in the juicy flavour and char the steak as it cooks it quickly and evenly. Resist the urge to flip your meat over and over as it cooks and also resist the urge to oil the grill or steak itself. Remember that quality cuts require no additions and oil can cause hazardous situations such as flare-ups. Of course, you do not want to change your steak’s flavour, and if the grill is hot enough, the cut will produce its own fat.

Season the Meat

Like mentioned above, quality meat requires no extra additions and all you should do is season it with kosher salt, and that’s it. For those that enjoy pepper, add it only after cooking as it can turn sour if placed on high heat. As you cook the perfect steak, remember that grills produce different heat levels at different places. This simply means that large steaks can cook differently at different spots. Hence, it is important to rotate it as you flip it too. This allows the meat to cook evenly especially for bone-in steaks where the meat around the bone area takes a while longer to cook.

Let the Steak Rest for About Ten to Fifteen Minutes Before Cutting It

Steak gets tougher as you cook it, and touching it now and then will help you note the tenderness changes over time. When the steak is ready, you should note the tenderness and moist if it is cooked right. But you do not want this juice to ooze out immediately as you embark on cutting it. To avoid this, let the steak rest for about ten to fifteen minutes before you cut it. If you carefully follow the tips above, then you have what it takes to cook the perfect steak.