How To Choose An Obstetrician?

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An obstetrician provides a wide range of health services for women. The professional is also known as an OB/GYN and helps manage complications during birth, pregnancy, postpartum as well as oversee annual Pap tests. An obstetrician receives specialized education in dealing with issues affecting the female reproductive system and surgical care. Most of their education and training focus on diagnosing and treating obstetrical and gynecological problems. This article provides information on how to choose an obstetrician in your area.

An OB/GYN provides a wide range of health services depending on the advanced training and specialty of the professional. Some medical professionals will practice only obstetrics while some other professionals may practice gynecology.

There are some professionals who decide to practice both specialties and provide a wide range of services in the process.

Here are some of the most popular services offered by these professionals:

. Annual gynecology examinations such as Pap Smear and breast exams.

. Treating sexually transmitted diseases

. Prenatal care

. Birth and labor care

. Contraceptive and birth control counseling

. Infertility – diagnosis and treatments

. Chronic medical problems such as endometriosis

. Menopause management and treatments

. Abnormal Pap test treatments such as cone biopsy, cryosurgery, and colposcopy.


How Is An Obstetrician Trained?

The ABOG or American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology sets up the requirements for training an obstetrician. These requirements include graduating from an approved medical school in the country and completing four years of residency training which includes gynecology, obstetrics, ultrasonography, gynecologic oncology, and preventive care.

Once the professional complete his/her 4 years of training, he or she should pass a test conducted by the ABOG. Then only he or she become board certified. There are some professionals who continue to pursue a sub-specialty such as maternal/fetal medicine or infertility.

There are many advantages of using the services of an obstetrician. One reason is the professional help minimize the risks associated with pregnancy. In fact, such a professional is experienced in handling high-risk pregnancy cases.

Hence, most women prefer to avail their services during their pregnancy period. The many advantages of using their services include:

. Access to the latest medical technologies such as genetic testing and ultrasound.

. Specialized knowledge to manage any complications such as placenta previa or preeclampsia.

. Specialized in surgical operations if the patient requires a cesarean birth.


There are also a few disadvantages of using the services of a professional obstetrician. More than 60-80% of women don’t experience any risks during pregnancy.

Hence, if you require a more natural birth, using the services of an obstetrician can be a disadvantage. An obstetrician is trained to manage complications of pregnancy using medical interventions during the process. Here are some disadvantages of using their services:

. Increased chance of a cesarean birth

. Increased risk of induction, episiotomy, or assisted delivery

. Higher costs involved in pregnancy and birth


How To Choose The Best Obstetrician?

Most of the time, an obstetrician practices in a private office. They may also practice in a clinic setting or hospital at times. On the other hand, there are highly specialized obstetricians who maintain teaching positions at university hospitals across the country. There are many credentials to look for when choosing the right professional in the area.

You can ask one of your healthcare providers to recommend one for you. If not, talk to a relative or friend who recently had a bay. On the other hand, childbirth educators can also help you find a qualified and experienced professional in the area. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find the right professional in your case.

If you can’t come up with a professional through one of these methods, you can check the website of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. It will give you a list of obstetricians functioning in your area. You should consider the qualifications and experience of the professional. Make sure he or she is board certified. Childbirth is quite stressful at times.

Hence, the professional you choose should be compatible with your requirements, and you should be able to easily communicate with him or her. These are important factors to look for when choosing the best obstetrician or gynecologist in the area.