Professional Tips for Installing Mosaic Tile Sheets

Mosaic Tile Sheets

Mosaic tiles can be anything from glazed ceramics to unglazed ceramics, and from marble to granite. Unlike the classic jigsaw patterns, modern mosaics come with plastic and paper backed sheets, typically available in one-foot squares.

Mosaic tiles are popular among homeowners because of their style and slip-resistant feature. As a professional, it is your responsibility to deliver your customers what they are paying for. To attain professional glaze on mosaic tiles, you can make use of these tips and tricks.

Here are some of the important tips to install mosaic tile sheets with perfection.

How difficult is it to install mosaic tile sheet?

Larger-tile installation looks simple when compared to the smaller square tiles or tesserae. Tesserae come affixed in fibreglass sheets of 144 at a time, which makes it even difficult to install.

The installation process of a 12”x 12” tile is entirely different from that of a bundle of mosaic tesserae. If not fixed properly, it can wave, warp, shift and create lippage.

How to choose mosaic tiles?

The first and the foremost thing is to understand your customer’s requirements. Get a sense of the look your client is trying to acquire. Be clear about how they want to use the mosaics. Is it for the borders, the bigger tiles or the feature design? This is important to ensure you are selecting the right tiles that complement each other.

Natural stone mosaic tiles can create a magical professional finish to the general design. If you are looking for something light-toned, it can be a good companion to other materials. Travertine natural stone mosaics are the best.

How to cut the mosaic tile sheets?

Avoid cutting tiles if possible. Installation of mosaic tiles is equally about cutting as it is about organising. You should make every reasonable effort to avoid cutting mosaic tile sheets as it can destroy the beauty of the tile.

However, if you cannot avoid cutting the tile, you can opt for various options ranging from too expensive to very cheap. Consider cutting the mosaic tiles from the back, with a knife or from top to bottom, using scissors. However, if you want a bright finish, try avoiding scissors.

Cutting a tile is not an easy task. For a professional finish, consider investing into an affordable tile nibbler or a rail cutter.

How to fix the mosaic tile sheet?

Laying mosaic tiles is a tricky job. To be precise, this is where your professionalism is at test. If you are installing mosaic tile sheets on a wide area, create a proper plan. Stagger the joints of mosaics correctly so that the tiles can maintain a clean traditional look.

Though you are using mosaics with mesh back, there is some possibility of sudden movement to the tiles. Before placing the tiles make sure they are straight.

While placing tesserae, stay easy with the grout. Larger tiles only have four corners to clean, but with small mosaics, you may need to clean hundreds of corners to get the polished look. Measuring how much grout you need is crucial as too much of grout can make your work look scruffy.



If you require professional help with an upcoming mosaic tile project, check TileCloud’s tilling tip section. You can also buy tiles online, as per your room, colour, shape, material and pattern preference.