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Local Chatswood Paediatric Dentist

Paediatric Dentistry

At Simply Dental Chatswood it’s a passion of ours to ingrain positive dental hygiene and promote good oral health. Bright healthy smiles start from such a young age & providing a clear routine for your child is typically the best way to promote positive oral care.

We specialise in providing comprehensive dental care and treatments for children, infants and children with special needs. It’s our pride to inculcate the right oral care habits in children so they can become responsible adults as far oral health goes.

We believe in the power of beautiful, healthy smiles that start right from childhood through to adult years. Our primary focus is on preventive care that’s supported by early detection approaches and timely treatment of evolving dental disease.

Parents trust us to help their children have a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

Our approach

Children require a special kind of approach laced with compassion. They learn easily but through conditioning. And once they acquire particular habits, you can be sure they’ll keep the habit.

So we start by creating a compassionate and trusting relationship with your child and enhance it to foster optimal oral health that will eventually last a lifetime!

In the kid’s treatment area, you are always welcome to accompany your kid for any appointment as a parent. We value the desires you have for your kid as well as your opinion as a parent. So we partner with you as we decide the kind of treatment that’s most suitable for your child.

On top of it all, your child will never feel any pain at all in any of the procedures we carry out: extraction or root canal, fillings or mere check-ups; there’s always sedation to ensure it’s totally painless.

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