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Help Make Your Cat’s Next Vet Visit Fear Free

Your cat’s every visit to the vet is never a walk in the park!  More often than not, the battle begins before you get to the clinic – resistance as you try to get your cat in the carrier.

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After all that struggle, you still have to forlornly watch him sit miserably at a corner as you anxiously await the vet in the clinic’s lobby.

It’s no surprise that a recent study showed that two out of three cat owners visit the veterinarian less than once a year, partly because of previous dreadful experiences brought by cats referred to  as “feline resistance.”

Pet Check-up | Ivanhoe Vet Clinic

From the look of things, cats have waged war on veterinary care. Regrettably, it seems victory is imminent on their side.

But this shouldn’t go on. Not if your cat’s well-being means a lot to you. To stop this trend, below are proven ways to make your trips to the vet less stressful.


  1. Give your cat regular checkups at home

In doing this, your cat gets used to being touched, which makes it easier for the vet to handle your pet.

Home Check up | Ivanhoe

Plus, these random checks will let you notice potential health complications.


  1. Help the Cat familiarise with the carrier

Just like baths, carriers are a cat’s greatest enemy. If you can’t train him to get accustomed to carriers then all your trips will start with a wrestle.

Remember, if your cat recalls that all entries into a carrier and at the vets’ he’ll resist. Instead, incorporate the carrier into your pet’s daily lives. For instance, have your cat use it as a space for taking a nap and offer her treats while she’s inside.

Or you can leave the carrier open on the floor and make it part of the cat’s toys whenever you play with her.


  1. Offer plenty of love before visiting the vet

For most, if not all cats, a trip to the clinic usually means much stress and anxiety. To counter this,  offer plenty of affection to calm your cat before a visit to the vet.

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And this benefits not only your cat. Research suggests that playing around with pets can help reduce the levels of stress in people.


  1. Make your cat a car freak

Pet Check-up drive

Much of what makes the pet’s visit to the clinic scary is the long drive and not the destination. You should know by now that cats hate vehicles. If you have been wondering why cats go crazy on cars, here’s why.

Cars are not part of a cat’s day-to-day life. This becomes a problem because cats love things they are more familiar with and they enjoy knowing what’s going to happen next.

In addition, most of the time they ride the car with you is when they take her to the vet.  The last thing you want is your cat associating riding a car with going to the vet.

To prevent this, begin by short driving drills around your block with your cat and increase the distance in time. You may even go as far as stopping over by the veterinary to “say hey” even when you are not in for a check-up; this will make the experience great and enjoyable.


  1. Ensure the waiting room is calm

Ivanhoe Vet Clinic | Waiting Room

If the waiting room of the vet office is full of fierce barking dogs, people in a hurry and hissing cats, your cat will obviously get panicky.

Felines prefer to be left alone. That’s why it’s better to leave your cat in her carrier while you’re in the sitting area. This way, your cat feels safer and won’t likely graze you with their paws in an effort to run away or start a fight with another animal.

Also, remember the type of pet carrier you use plays a significant role in reducing vet-related tension for your cat. Use a large one that allows your feline to stand up, stretch, and even make full turns when they wish to.

Lastly, schedule your appointments when the vet’s clinic is less busy so there will be less commotion and long waits.


  1. Ask the vet to bond with your cat before a check up

New Pet Check up | Ivanhoe Vet Clinic

As it is part of their pet check up procedure, most vets usually do this. If yours does not, ask him or her to spend a little time with your cat before the examination.

It’s obvious your feline friend will be pushed and poked at the clinic, but there are ways you can ease this distress by having all his eyes on you; capture all his attention, talk to him in a calming voice during the whole experience. These will reduce the animal’s  tension.

Also, carrying along a something she is used to such as a towel and her favourite toys or treats can help you distract her during the check-up.


Wrap up

Every visit to the clinic is a chance to ask questions and inquire more about how to take care of your cat at home. Further, don’t hesitate to contact your Ivanhoe Vet Clinic in between appointments for further consultation.

Lastly, remember your pet’s health is determined by your relationship with her. So always have a positive attitude.  This will help your pet if she needs to undergo extended treatments or has to stay at the clinic for the night.