A Guide to Online Gift Shopping | Cacao

A Guide to Online Gift Shopping

Online Gift Shopping | Cacao

Have you been wondering what can be the best gift your loved ones? It is hard to locate the right place to buy the perfect gift. From electronics to holiday packages, from chocolates to flowers, with the immense number of varieties, it is common to get confused.

Instead of travelling the whole city in search of that perfect gift item, the modern digital world offers you the option of online gift shopping. From the comfort of your home, you can get anything and everything online you want to gift your family and friends.

Here is a step by step guide for you to find the right product online, make a payment and place an order:

#1 Above all, you need a laptop, computer or tablet, a working Internet connection, and card or bank details for payment.

#2 When you are ready with everything, go to the “Google Search Page” and type the “keyword” you want to search, in the “search box”. For instance, if you want to send a chocolate hamper, type “online chocolate gifts”, “online chocolate delivery”, “online chocolate shop Australia” or “online chocolates” and click on the search button.

Online Chocolates | Cacao

#3 Google’s search engine will show you a list of online chocolates delivery sites or online chocolate gifts shop to choose from. To select and move to your preferred website or brand, click on the link. Here we have selected Australia’s best online chocolate shop, “Cacao”.

Chocolate Online | Cacao

#4 You will see a new page, which is the selected online chocolate delivery site, Cacao. Here you can either go to the gifting categories or search for the gift you like most. Else, simply go to the search box on the top of retailer’s website, type the name of the product you want and click “search”.

online chocolate delivery | Cacao


#5 The site will redirect you to the preferred product page. Here we have selected the delicious macarons as a gift. Therefore, the site is showing all the options for selecting macarons.

Macaroons Online | Cacao


#6 Select the range of product or a single product you are interested in gifting and click on “add to cart”. This option is only to save your preferred product in your cart before you decide on buying something.

Macaroons Selections | Cacao


#7 After adding a product to the cart, if you want you can continue shopping, view the cart or simply checkout to place your order.

Checkout Cart | Cacao

#8 Once you are done with shopping, you would like to place the order. Click on “Checkout” and the site will take you to “information page”. Here you can fill all the necessary details like Sender details, Receiver details and the shipping method.

Checkout Page | Cacao


#9 After filling up all the details, the site will take you to the payment page. It will ask you to fill your card (debit/credit) details to proceed with your order. Enter the details and click “Proceed” or “Submit order”.

Submit Order Page | Cacao


The payment page is secured by an additional layer of security for all online transactions. This page is password protected and as a legitimate business, they comply with all user data maintenance guidelines. Your information is safe and secure.  Once you provide the right password, your order will be processed. You will then receive an email confirmation of your order.

Hence, you can experience online gift shopping with a handful of clicks! Isn’t this amazing?