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Online ticketing

Our online ticketing system software is a tailored ticketing and registration solution to suit all events. From free events to small venues, right through to VIP loyalty and event programs for major companies.


All pages have a unique URL and are designed to align with your branding, ensuring the page looks like your brand from the ticketing page right through to the confirmation email received by your customers.

We make online ticketing stress-free for you and your customers with our easy to use online booking system which can be tailored depending on your event.


Our online booking system is easy to use for your customers, we can gather all the data you need about your customers within a safe environment.  

Sproutix is the complete online ticketing service solution.


Setting up your event

Let us organise the information, the pages, and the artwork, to leave you more time to focus on what you do best, creating an amazing experience for your customers. With multiple ticket types, different prices, packages or products, we understand it can be confusing.

Simply fill out the event brief with all the details and leave it to us to do the rest. See event brief example here (need to update event brief and have sampled, fill out with Joe Bloggs)

The event can be set up with your name in the URL for customers to find your booking page easily and without confusion. The page will have the look and feel of your branding so there is no mistake about whose event it is. See our gallery for examples….(need to get good screenshots of our pages)


Box office

We know not everyone is tech savvy or has access to technology to book tickets themselves.

Your customers can call a friendly customer service representative to do that for them.

Over the phone bookings for the time poor or lesser internet savvy customer are a blessing.

Our customer service representatives know our system back to front so booking tickets for your customers is an efficient and effective process to get those tickets sold!


Along with selling tickets our customer service team can inform customers about details of the event and build rapport to give customers confidence and information they need to enjoy your event.


Customer service

Our team is dedicated to making sure all customers have the best experience possible when asking for details about an event, making a booking, or checking on an order.

With your brand, personality, and tone in mind, we can talk to customers how you would treat your customers giving them the full experience.

We can chat with your customers and answer all their questions leaving you time to focus on your event.

With our highly dedicated Australian based customer service team you can rest assured knowing that your customers will arrive at your event well informed and all their questions answered ensuring a hassle-free experience for all involved.


Source: Courtesy of Sprout Systems, Australia