Pros and Cons of Pendant Light Fitting

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Great quality lighting could make or break the house’s design. It also makes or breaks the feel and the overall look of the home. Knowing what type of lighting to install is the very first step in finding the correct lighting for the house. A lot of individuals prefer Pendant Light Fitting.


Well, it is because pendant light works well in almost all conditions. However, it has its benefits and drawbacks, just like anything else in this world.

Here are several pros and cons of pendant lighting:

The Pros of Using Pendant Lighting

When it comes to offering versatility, utilizing pendant lighting provides a lot of advantages. Also, pendant lighting is good for adding some glamour to a room that is a little boring. Before, pendant lighting was utilized for contemporary looks only. Well, not anymore. Pendant lighting could make it simpler to add a bit of accent to any type of room with today’s styles and designs. For those who do not know, pendant lightings today come in so many various styles, colors, designs, and shapes.

The truth is that pendant lighting could be installed at any height that the person needs or wants. Additionally, there are tens of thousands of various options to choose from. It also does not take up a lot of space.

Aside from that, pendant lighting gives a larger spectrum of light, which is ideal of illuminating places where intense light is required. It is stylish, yet not as severe as a spotlight. Most importantly, pendant lighting is reasonably priced, almost the same as a traditional lamp.

The Cons of Pendant Lighting

The stigma the lighting has is one of the main drawbacks. People remember the boring and old satellite looking designs from previous old days whenever most of them think of pendant lighting.

However, aside from the one mentioned above, there really only a few drawbacks of installing pendant lighting in any type of room.

For some people, they may find that pendant lighting does not offer always the correct type of lighting for each room and in each condition. There would be times when this lighting simply does not fairly look correct for a certain need or a room with a special lighting necessity.

Oftentimes, pendant lighting would need softer and smaller bulbs, which will not always provide enough light to brighten a huge room in its fullness. It may also need a person to buy a few units to obtain the desired lighting level if they have a big room.

Also, in several conditions, pendant lighting may need specialty bulbs that can cost a little bit expensive.

Pendant light fitting is a good choice. This is very true when it comes to improving the style and adding a tiny bit of personality to any type of room in a house. It might have disadvantages.

However, it doesn’t outweigh the benefits that pendant lighting could offer. Nowadays, more and more people are opting for pendant lighting whenever they are in the market for new and modern lighting.