Things You Can Do With Tonic Water

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Tonic water is carbonated water with sugar and quinine added to it for a bitter flavour. It is used to make cocktails and you can also mix it with juice or use it for a variety of household purposes. Tonic water is versatile and is a worthy addition to your refrigerator. Read on to learn different ways to use tonic water in your home.


The most popular way to use tonic water is to make drinks with it.

You can use it with gin, vodka, tequila and any other drink where you want to add a touch of bitterness. You can also make non-alcoholic drinks with tonic water.

Tonic Water | Strange LoveThe water will add carbonation and a mildly bitter flavour to the drinks you are mixing and give them a more unique taste.

If you aren’t able to consume the entire bottle of tonic water before it goes flat, you will want to try some other uses for it.

One thing you can use it for is to keep your cut flowers fresh. The quinine in the water acts as a preservative and will keep your flowers fresher for a longer period of time.


You can also use it to create unique lighting that glows in the dark.

The quinine makes the water glow in the dark when you shine a black light on it. You can create some interesting decorations when you do this. On a side note, while the quinine in the water will glow under a blacklight, it isn’t dangerous to drink, though it is toxic in high doses. Quinine is used to cure malaria in some countries.

Tonic water also makes a handy and effective cleaner.

You can use it like glass cleaner. Just spray it on your counter or windows and wipe it off. It works great and it is a natural way to clean your home. You won’t have to worry about polluting your home with chemicals when you use tonic water to clean it.

It also does a fantastic job of removing rust without resorting to chemical rust removers. Just take your rusty pieces of metal and soak them in the water for a day or so. Rinse the pieces off and give them a good scrub and all the rust will come off.


You can also use flat tonic water to water your plants.

The minerals and sugar in the water will fertilize your plants. You will use up the water and make your plants healthier in one step. If you keep forgetting to fertilize your plants, using leftover tonic water to water them could be the thing you need to keep them looking their best.

You could also drink it yourself as a natural remedy for muscle cramps.

The quinine is effective for stopping spasms and will make your cramps go away. If you have a bottle of tonic water sitting around, there are plenty of useful things that you can do with it that will make your life easier.