Top 9 Tips To Keep Your Driveway Clean

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Wondering how to get rid of dirt and grime off your concrete driveway? Here are the top 9 tips to keep your driveway clean.


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#1 Clean regularly

Regular Concrete Cleaning helps chemical and oil stains from settling in on a more permanent level. How often should your driveway be clean depends on the amount of road traffic and pollution it is exposed to. Your tires can bring all kinds of grease, dirt, mud and oil stains that can be stubborn and hard to remove.  A pressure washer is the most effective equipment to get your driveway clean in the best and quickest way.


This job can be done by yourself, but it is unlikely you will not get the drastic results you are after. That’s where the House Washing Experts can help! We specialise in cleaning all kinds of driveways, no matter what their condition is. We use the most advanced high-pressure rotary washer that can produce the best results and can make your driveway look like brand new again!


#2 Apply sealers

Making sure your driveway is properly maintained can keep it cleaner for longer.  After cleaning, you should reapply a good commercial sealer in the cracks of your concrete or asphalt as needed. Keeping your driveway sealed is one of the best ways to stop further cracks from appearing and prevent stains from being easily absorbed. It also enhances the look of your driveway. How often you do this will depend on weather conditions, pollutants and the amount of road traffic your driveway is exposed to.


#3 Remove stains and spills immediately

Oil, gasoline, grease, chemicals and other pollutants can discolour your concrete surfaces. Although sealing your driveway can help prevent easy stain absorption, it is best to remove stains and spills as soon as they happen.


You can clean up spills with soap and water or a commercial product made especially for cleaning concrete. You can even use kitty litter, sawdust or cornmeal to try absorb the spills before they set in. If after your stains remain unchanged after you have attempted to clean up, it is best to call pressure cleaning professionals to clean it instead.


At the House Washing Experts, we have the right knowledge and skill to deep clean your driveway. Our cleaning solutions are gentle on the environment and won’t cause further damage to your surfaces.


#4 Avoid using deicing chemicals

Deicing your driveway from all the icy spots can be harmful if using products that have chemicals which are damaging to your driveway. Deicing chemicals can literally eat up cement and cause damage to your garden and plants. A safer way to prevent a slippery driveway is to use sand. However, you should make sure to clean it up properly in the spring so it doesn’t end up blocking your drains and sewers.


#5 Avoid using your driveway for oil changes

Changing oil involves a high risk of spillage and stains. However, if you must do so, you can protect your driveway by laying down newspaper and use a large drip pain which you can purchase from an automotive store.


#6 Avoid using sharp objects

Concrete is one of the most durable materials used on driveway surfaces. However, it can still be prone to damage from sharp objects such as metal blade snow shovels that can scratch the surface.


#7 Maintain your weeds and tree roots

Occasionally plants can often grow in the hairline cracks of your driveway. Tree roots can also make their way into existing cracks of your driveway and further deepens them. If this is your case, it is best to hire a tree-trimming expert to investigate the root and have it removed safely. By simply maintain plants and roots you can maximise your driveway’s appearance.


#8 Get rid of mildew, grime and mould

Mildew is a type of surface fungus that can form on concrete driveways due to water deposits that get caught in the cracks. This can pose a safety hazard because of its slippery nature. The concentration and build-up of grease can also produce black mould, also known as a toxic mould which can spread to your house and put you and your family’s health at risk.

However, the House Washing Experts are fully trained and equipped to provide you with a first class cleaning services that will eliminate these damaging contagions and leave your environment healthier and safer.


# 9 Resurface your concrete driveway

In some cases, the damage on your driveway is extensive and will require more than standard maintenance techniques to get it looking brand new again. Get a professional resurfacing company to come in and add a new top layer to your driveway to cover the old cracks.


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