Vermont Tourism Attractions


Vermont may be one of the smallest states in the US, but it sure is beautiful. Furthermore, there is plenty to do there. I have a friend who grew up in Vermont. He now lives in South Carolina, and while he loves it here, he is always talking about how beautiful Vermont is and how simple life was there. I guess we all have an affinity for where we grew up, but Vermont sure does sound like a nice place. Start by looking at all the cities you can visit while in Vermont, even though it’s a smaller state as mentioned.

Some of the cities include Montpelier, Manchester, Stowe, Rutland City, Waterbury and Woodstock. One of the popular activities tourists and locals alike love to do is go skiing. There are plenty of places to ski, and some of the top cities for enjoying this sport are Woodstock, Stowe and Killington. Have you ever been ice skating? Ice skating in Vermont would be magical, and St. Albans is the place for that activity.

Tourists love Vermont, as it’s a place where you can enjoy nature without all the hustle and bustle. Have you ever heard someone refer to ‘a cabin in Vermont?’ Imagine yourself renting a cabin in the mountains during the fall when the leaves are changing. How cool would that be? If you’re idea of a vacation is being plugged right into the middle of a big city, then maybe this type of vacation isn’t right for you. However, if you like a peaceful vacation in the mountains, Vermont would be a good fit.

Now let’s take a closer look and name off some of the top attractions that the state of Vermont has to offer. You know what type of vacation to expect, and now you need to know specifically where to go. If you’re the type of person that likes to visit museums, and you want to learn about Vermont history, then you can stop on by Shelburne Museum. Then there is the Lincoln Family Home as well.

The city of Stowe was mentioned, and one of the top attractions in Stowe is the Stowe Recreation Path. In fact, it’s one of the top attractions in the entire state of Vermont. Do you like to go fishing? There are all kinds of great spots to go fishing, too. What about biking? Burlington Bike Path is a great spot for biking.

While you’re in Stowe, you should pay a quick visit to Mount Mansfield. In Burlington, Waterfront Park and Church Street Marketplace are cool spots to visit. If monuments are your thing, then you can get a good look at Bennington Battle Monument. For another museum with a little twist, you can visit Billings Farm and Museum. Three more places you might want to visit are Smugglers Notch State Park, Magic Hat Brewing Company and the Vermont State House. Yes, you can’t escape without visiting the Vermont State House, right? Out of all these options, what’s the first place you want to visit in Vermont?