What Famous Foods In Vermont Do You Want To Try?

Everyone has heard about Vermont maple syrup, right? It is definitely one of the top famous foods in Vermont, but there are also plenty of others. You do know that Ben and Jerry’s is headquartered in Vermont, right? That would put ice cream at the top of the list if you ask me. I have to tell you, I didn’t know much about Vermont for quite some time. I mean, just whatever I picked up in school was it. Now, I know a little bit more because a close friend of mine grew up in Vermont and continues to visit his family there.

Now I’ve heard of all these stories about different things in Vermont, and some of them are foods to try. He was the one who told me that Ben and Jerry’s was founded in Vermont. Vermont is also famous for their cheese. Have you ever had cheese that was made from sheep’s milk? I’ve heard of goat milk cheese, but evidently sheep’s milk cheese is a thing in Vermont. What happened to the cheese made of cow’s milk? Actually, there are plenty of those great cheeses in Vermont, too, as there are dairy farms all over the place.

When you think of Vermont cheese, what comes to mind? I think of Vermont cheddar, and I think of those Christmas packages with special cheeses in them. I think about the scenery of Vermont and the way things are made. It’s an old-fashioned place, that’s for sure. Every state has its draw points, and Vermont is definitely known for certain foods. We’ve discussed some of them, but what other foods is Vermont famous for?

Chocolate is another food that you can get a great sampling of in Vermont. It’s just another thing that can be made using the milk from the dairy farms, and as you can imagine, there are some unique chocolate items you can get in Vermont. I imagine they have some delicious truffles, which would be my favorite.

Vermont, just like the upper peninsula of Michigan, is known for its blueberries. There is also Cabot Creamery, and there is plenty of homemade apple cider to go around, too. As you can see, there is a big trend of homemade goods. Many people in Vermont make their own stuff, so you can just imagine all the different types of food products you’ll find in some of the stores.